This is what some of our clients “croak” about us…


“Mambore has done several projects for at JM&A Group. They are consistently  on time and within budget. The projects are done extremely professional. They take the time to understand the client’s business environment and needs, and translate in a way that is readable and understandable for their audience. We will continue to feed our translation projects to Mambore.”

- Lynn Zeigler, JM&A Group

“The Mambore team worked on various projects as script editors/supervisors for the Customizations department at MTV Networks. They were very detailed oriented, very experienced in the field and  diligent professionals who were always given top-priority projects because they could be counted on to complete work on time or before it was due, which was an enormous help given the tight-deadlines we worked under. It was a pleasure working with Mambore. They made themselves always available and had a great attitude in all duties they performed.”

- Alfredo Bellido, MTV Networks Latin America

“The Mambore team is a very detailed, organized and forward thinking group of people. They are very pleasant and a pleasure to work for and with. Definitely an asset to any project they get involved with, I would recommend them in a heart beat.”  

- Chris Aller, Aller Media Group

“The team of Mambore translators worked with me, while I was a Customizations Producer, in Vh1 Latin America. They were in charged of quality control and proofreading the Spanish scripts for all shows. They have great communication skills, very resourceful, reliable, team players and an excellent group to work with.”

- Isabel Amaya, Vh1 Latin America

“The Mambore team consists of very accurate and focused revisers. We worked with them for 3 years while I was at MTV.  Every script that they revised for us was perfect. We knew we could count on them to spot any mistakes or make suggestions about the language. The translators grasp of both English and Spanish makes it easy for them to translate and adapt in either language. They also work at an amazing pace, making projects flow effortlessly. Their knowledge of pop culture also made it very easy for us to trust them with all the slang and MTV-like lingo in our scripts. They were always able to adapt them and use the appropriate Spanish slang understood by all Latin American countries.  I would recommend them for any project that was thrown my way.”                            

- Marcela Levy, MTV Networks Latin America